Sexual Rejuvenation for Men


Sexual Health Optimization for Men

Treatments for sexual rejuvenation and sexual optimization for men include:

Dr. Nguyen has been trained and certified by Dr. Charles Runnels, the inventor of the patented techniques known as the Priapus Shot® or P-Shot®, and is a member of the official Priapus Shot® provider group, and the Vampire Facial® provider group.

Dr. Nguyen is also a licensed provider in the Cellular Medicine Association.

Important Note: The Priapus Shot® procedure does not work well in smokers because the toxins in the cigarettes will kill the growth of the stem cells that are recruited and fertilized by the PRP. Since smoking is one of the factors contributing to erectile dysfunction (along with poor diet), it is best to quit smoking before seeking treatment for ED.

Disclaimer:  Individual results may vary. Nothing contained on this website is intended to represent a promise, guarantee or warranty that any patient who undergoes the Priapus Shot®, or the P-Shot® will achieve a particular result. Individual results do vary, and no responsibility is assumed for failure to achieve a specific desired result. With the utilization of this procedure, no promise or representation, guarantee or warranty regarding its use, benefit, or other quality is made. No representations that the use of this procedure or PRP is approved by the FDA or any other agency of the federal or state government is made.

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We can help with Health Optimization, Hormonal Rejuvenation, Sexual Rejuvenation, Facial Rejuvenation, and Hair Restoration.

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Since everyone's situation and goals are different, exact costs can only be provided after a personal consultation.

Costs for rejuvenation treatments and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment cost typically range from $600 to $3,600 individually, with package prices available for a combination of therapies or series of treatments.

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