Peptide Therapy FAQ

Peptide FAQs

· How will I know they are working?
This is where having some measurable metrics is helpful. You will have follow-up labs at least yearly and using a body composition scanner, like the Dexa Scan, will provide regular data for you. I also like sleep monitors (Oura ring, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Go2Sleep).

· Can I use my peptides while doing ProLon?
You don’t want to use GH secretagogues during the week of ProLon. The 5-day ProLon program is driving DOWN your growth hormone during that week, so you can resume your GHRH when ProLon is finished. If any of the peptides make you nauseous (PT-141 or Melanotan 1) in my experience, that nausea is worse during ProLon. Remember, you are not heavily exercising during those 5 days, only walking and light exercise.

· Are peptides safe to use long term?
Yes, but some peptides should be cycled for best effects, and for long term use. BPC-157, GHK-Cu is topical, TA-1 can be used long term without cycling. Sermorelin and TB-4 are best cycled, and PT-141 is not recommended to be used daily but can be used intermittently long term.

· Can peptides cause cancer?
The peptides we have introduced to you have not been shown to increase the risk of cancer in the manner we have taught you to use them. However, it is not recommended that you use Sermorelin or TB-4 if you have cancer, and it is not currently recommended to use Melanotan 1 in a patient with a melanoma history.

· What if I can’t inject myself?
Your doctor will show you how to use the tiny insulin needle in your office.

· Can I travel with my injectable peptides?
Yes! Peptides from a reliable and approved compounding pharmacy are stable at room temperature for up to 7 days. You can travel with your peptides, just place them in a Yeti cup then keep them in a refrigerator at your destination.

· Will I have to take peptides and inject myself for the rest of my life?
To get the ongoing benefits you want to use them ongoing. However, we all get a little tired of injecting ourselves. I usually recommend 3 months on, 1 month off for injectables. Also, since Sermorelin is 5 days on and 2 days off, I encourage you to do all of your injectables in those 5 days, so you can have 2 days of the week without any needles.

· Does it matter what time of the day I use them?
Unless it specifically says on the bottle “inject before bed” or “inject 30 min before x activity” (PT-141), then it doesn’t matter.

· Where do I inject it?
Anywhere you have skin. It’s easiest on the buttock, abdomen, thighs, just under the skin with insulin syringe provided.

· Is it FDA approved?
These peptides are now FDA approved: TA-1, TB4, Sermorelin, PT-141, and the peptide nutraceutical, BPC-157 and topical GHK-Cu. They are made uniquely for you in an FDA approved facility with FDA approved ingredients.

· Are peptides bioidentical?
TA-1, TB4, BPC, Sermorelin and GHK-Cu, PT-141 are bioidentical. Not all peptides are bioidentical.

· What side effects might I see?
See individual peptides, consider creating an Excel spreadsheet until you get used to using them. TA-1 has no adverse reactions and NO LD50 from 13 months to > 100 years.