Exosome Hair Restoration With Organicell


ORGANICELL FACTOR X is a definitive consistency of a full spectrum of Growth Factors that contains EXOSOMES (billions per ml) and is used in various regenerative aesthetic procedures.

Factor X is derived from a perinatal source that contains an abundance number of growth factors, cytokines, exosomes (over 50 billion) and hyaluronic acid.  It contains natural regenerative compound and not cell culture expanded. It is tested for endotoxin and bioburden.


Your doctor will go over in details the procedure and obtain a consent form

  • the scalp is cleaned with Hibiclens.
  • BLT is applied to the treatment areas of the scalp.
  • a lidocaine block is performed using a small needle.
  • Factor X is then injected into the treatment areas approximately 0.25 inches apart using a small needle.
  • micro-needling might be done in severely bald areas as needed.
  • post-procedure instructions will be given.
  • re-evaluate in 3 months, expect maximum hair restoration in 6 months.
  • a topical hair peptide preparation is recommended to maximize the results.
  • Red LED light therapy is also recommended for moderate to severe cases.


  • NO


  • quick
  • non-surgical
  • minimal discomfort
  • more potent than PRP

Hair Growth Physiology - Growth Factors Associated With Hair Follicles

  • IGF l & ll- Insulin-like growth factor encoded in the IGF 1 gene
  • TGF-B   transforming growth factor beta- cellular differentiation and proliferation in most tissues
  • CTGF/CCN2- - connective tissue growth factor- protein needed for blood vessel growth, proliferation and adhesion of cells.
  • FGF- Fibroblast growth factor- needed for wound healing, proliferation, and differentiation for a variety of tissues and cells.
  • EGF- epidermal growth factor- stimulate cell growth and differentiation while binding to resident cell receptors
  • VEGF- vascular endothelial growth factor- stimulate new blood vessel growth
  • IL 8- Interleukin 8-induce chemotaxis and promote blood vessel growth
  • KGF- keratinocyte growth factor- promote epithelial cell growth- hair/alopecia treatment
  • CD34+ Cells- markers to attract additional stem cells to the repair site
  • Cytokine/Adhesion Molecules- modulate migration and recruitment of stem cells to the repair and regeneration site.

Current Specials

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Current Specials

Vampire Facelift Save $200

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