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As we age, decreased blood flow to the face results in skin that may look less healthy, trading it’s vibrant color and youthful glow for a gray, dull or pale coloring. The aging process may also leave us with the appearance of being perpetually tired or worn out, with dark circles and hollows under the eye area. Additionally, collagen loss can also affect the skin making it appear saggy or droopy in areas. The Vampire Facial was developed to combat all of these issues in a safe, non-invasive manner.

The Vampire Facial can also effectively reduce and soften the appearance of scars, whether they are acne scars, injury scars, surgical scars, or chicken pox scars.


Platelet Rich Plasma PRP vials
Platelet Rich Plasma PRP vials

Blood-derived growth factors activate multipotent stem cells already in the skin, tricking them into "thinking" there's been an injury and new younger tissue should generated.

The multipotent stem cells then develop into new collagen, new blood vessels, and new fatty tissue to rejuvenate the skin.

The Vampire Facial will help improve skin tone and texture and leave you with a glowing radiance that is commonly referred to as the “PRP Vampire Glow.”

What to expect from the Vampire Facial procedure

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    Isolating the Magic from Your Own Blood. First, the physician draws your blood from your arm (just like getting a blood test done).

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    Then, using a centrifuge, the physician isolates platelets from that blood (platelet-rich plasma or PRP).

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    Microneedling the skin's surface - tiny needles on the device wand move up and down at 8 thousand times per minute. A topical numbing cream is applied beforehand for your comfort.

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    Coating and Soaking Your Face with Blood-Derived Growth Factors. This platelet rich plasma with growth factors then activates multipotent stem cells already in the skin tricking them into "thinking" there has been an injury and new younger tissue should generated.

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    What is the difference between the Vampire Facelift and the Vampire Facial? Both procedures use platelet rich plasma (PRP). However, the vampire facelift is a series of PRP injections and the vampire facial utilizes topical PRP and a microneedling device as a type of skin resurfacing technique.

happy patients


"In the last week three strangers have approached me just to tell me how beautiful I am. I just wanted you to know that." - J.A., exosome facelift

"You found the fountain of youth! I'm going to start sending everyone your way." - Tina,  PRP facelift and facial

"I am extremely happy. It has been a dream to have better skin. You have no idea how much this has helped my self esteem." - Kathleen, PRP/stem cell injection facelift and PDO threads for acne scarring

"Can't say much about the hair, but the face looks great! With lip and eyeliner, I don't have to use much makeup! Just sunscreen." - Jackie, age 65, PDO thread lift 

"I saw my dermatologist for my annual skin check. She could NOT stop looking at my face. She kept complimenting my skin and saying whatever you've been doing just keep doing it, looks great!!  She asked me what I had been doing. I told her about you and how much you've done for my skin. Just want to make you smile this morning" - Anique, Vampire facelift /facial and smooth PDO threads

"Thank you so much for making me look so beautiful.  My skin is like new! Just starting using red light."- Sasha

"YOU are AMAZING! You took care of the scar tissue on my face. I wish I had the micro needling as well. But I chickened out."- Rojan, skin subcision and PRP injection

"My knees are feeling so much better. It's unbelievable. Thank you so much!" - J.G.,  knee regenerative injection

"Knee feels really good today. A noticeable difference. PRP takes a while to kick in right? The shockwave or combo must have helped a lot."- Kevin, 3 weeks post acute knee injury

"Dr. Nguyen has been patient with my seemingly endless stream of questions. Thank you, Dr. Nguyen." - Jack

"Super helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks!"

"Dr. Nguyen was very honest and encouraging. My first treatment was very easy and relaxing." - JG

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