P-Long - Penile Enlargement and Performance Enhancement

Increase the Size of Your Manhood without surgery with P-Long


Austin Regenerative Therapy, under the leadership of Dr. Khanh Nguyen, brings you the groundbreaking P-Long treatment. A scientifically backed, non-surgical approach to enhancing the size of your manhood.

More than 50% of men wish their manhood was larger.  At Austin Regenerative Therapy, Dr. khanh Nguyen provides the only clinically proven protocol to naturally increase the length and girth of your manhood without side effects and dissatisfactions.


Current Options for Penile Enhancement: A Quick Overview

1. Penuma Surgical Implants:

While this method involves surgical intervention, it's worth noting that many individuals have had these permanent implants removed due to complications like infections, pain, or dissatisfaction. In some cases, the removal has resulted in a reduction in length.

2. Suspensory Ligament Division:

Another surgical procedure, this option modifies the angle of the penis. A potential side effect is the formation of scar tissue, which might lead to a decrease in size.

3. Cosmetic Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are fantastic for facial treatments, but their application for penile enhancement is temporary. They won't add length, and the achieved results typically last only 1-2 years. Moreover, the procedure can sometimes result in unevenness. The costs can also be substantial given the short-lived results.

Interested in exploring a more effective penile enhancement treatment? This procedure is called  P-Long.

What is P-Long?

P-Long is a state-of-the-art treatment combining:
- Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
- Nitric Oxide Booster
- RestoreX Traction Device
- Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Vacuum Device

Under Dr. Nguyen's expert supervision, these treatments synergize to provide sustainable benefits.

P-Shot for men for ED and Peyronie's Disease
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Why Risk Your Manhood?

Consider this: other options for penile enhancement might come with potential side effects or
unsatisfactory results. With P-Long, Dr. Nguyen provides a safer and more effective solution that
negates the need for invasive surgeries or temporary fixes.

The P-Long Study – A Testament to Success
- 100% of participants reported an increase in length and girth.
- Zero side effects or complications were reported.
- Overall erectile function saw a significant boost.
This study was endorsed by leading bodies in the field of sexual health.



Why Choose Austin Regenerative Therapy?

As a recognized certified P-Long provider and a passionate advocate for sexual health
optimization, Dr. Nguyen uses a regenerative and cellular medicine approach to deliver optimal
results. Your well-being and satisfaction are her primary concern. She is also a certified provider
of the P-Shot® and O-Shot® treatments, and HRT, ensuring a holistic approach to sexual
health for both men and women.


Being at the forefront of sexual health treatments, Austin Regenerative Therapy is renowned as
a Center of Excellence for treatments like the P-Shot® and O-Shot®. Dr. Nguyen and her team
believe in providing treatments that are both safe and effective. Their strict adherence to globally
recognized protocols ensures that every patient receives top-tier care.


Who is a good candidate for P-Long?

The P-Long Protocol serves as an excellent choice for the majority of men exploring the path of penile enhancement. However, it's essential to note that men who have previously undergone penile augmentation surgery might not be suitable candidates. If you're uncertain or have specific questions regarding your suitability for the P-Long Protocol, it's highly recommended to book a consultation with ART to get personalized guidance.


How Sustainable Are P-Long Results?

The longevity of P-Long's results stands out compared to other methods. While temporary fillers might lose their effect within 1-2 years, P-Long promises enduring outcomes.

Think of it akin to the effects of braces. Once braces are removed, your teeth don't immediately revert to their original state. Nevertheless, over the years, factors like daily habits, natural aging, or individual intrinsic factors might induce gradual shifts in teeth alignment, necessitating occasional adjustments. Similarly, we're confident that as long as a man experiences rigid nighttime erections, his erectile length and girth will persist.

To enhance and maintain these results, we suggest that men consider continuing with Nitric Oxide supplement post-P-Long protocol. Research indicates that elevating Nitric Oxide levels naturally bolsters erectile health, offering added benefits like improved athletic prowess, enhanced cognitive abilities, better blood pressure levels, and a fortified immune system.


What are the Post-Treatment Guidelines for P-Long Protocol?

At ART, our goal is to offer effective, non-invasive treatments that ensure quick recovery and minimal disruptions to your daily life. Here's what you need to know about post-treatment care:

1. No Intimacy Restrictions: One of the many benefits of our treatment is that there are no limitations on intimacy after undergoing the procedure. You may engage in sexual activity on the same day after the procedure.

2. Diet and Habits: It's advisable to steer clear of alcohol and smoking post your P-Shot. Both can contribute to unwanted complications like bleeding, bruising, and hindered healing.

3. Health Conditions: It's crucial that, at the time of treatment, you are not battling any active infections or illnesses. A patient should ideally be in good overall health and maintain a wholesome lifestyle.

4. Medication and Supplements: Patients should refrain from consuming steroids and anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, Advil, Aleve, naprosyn, Motrin, and similar drugs.

5. Lifestyle Choices: Overindulgence in alcohol should be avoided pre-treatment, during, and post-treatment. Additionally, it's best to give up smoking during this period.

6. Hydration: Proper hydration is essential. Ensure you're drinking an adequate amount of water to support healing and general wellbeing.

Remember, these guidelines are to ensure you receive the optimal benefits from the treatment and experience a smooth recovery process.


How much does it cost?

The comprehensive P-Long treatment- 6 monthly P-Shots is priced at $ 7,200. For context, a single P-Shot costs $1,950.


Does the insurance cover P-Long?

It's important to note that insurance plans do not cover the P-Long procedure. However, ART offers flexible payment options to assist you. We accept CareCredit, a specialized credit card catering to medical, cosmetic, and dental services. This provides an option for a 6-month term to distribute your payments. Additionally, during your in-person consultation, we can discuss a tailored payment arrangement that best suits your financial needs.


Austin Regenerative Therapy is a trusted name in the realm of sexual health treatments. With patented and tightly regulated treatment protocols, you're assured of receiving authentic and efficient care.


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