VSEL Therapy

VESL (Very Small Embryonic-Like stem cell) therapy


Dr. Khanh Nguyen and our team proudly offer VSEL—Very Small Embryonic-Like stem cell therapy—as a premier option for those seeking to enhance their health and longevity naturally. Based on the pioneering research by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, VSEL therapy taps into the body's inherent healing mechanisms, providing a non-surgical alternative to traditional medical treatments.


VSEL Therapy

VSEL therapy is a revolutionary regenerative therapy that harnesses the potential of very small embryonic-like stem cells, or VSELs. These unique cells are among the smallest yet most potent stem cells, capable of regenerating and rejuvenating tissues throughout the human body. Their small size allows them to traverse barriers within the body that other cells cannot, such as entering the lungs and brain, making them exceptionally effective in areas traditionally inaccessible to larger cells.


Unique Characteristics of VSELs

VSELs are pluripotent, meaning they can develop into nearly any type of tissue or organ. Unlike embryonic stem cells, VSELs do not pose a risk of tumor formation, enhancing their safety profile significantly. Typically found in bone marrow and blood, VSELs remain bound and inactive under normal conditions, preserving their youthful qualities even in older individuals. The VSELs used in our therapies are autologous—derived from your own plasma—further ensuring compatibility and safety.




VSEL therapy has a broad range of applications, offering potential benefits for a variety of conditions, including:

● General aging
● Athletic performance enhancement
● Healing of old nagging injuries
● Reducing inflammation
● Treatment of osteoarthritis
● Managing autoimmune conditions
● Supporting heart disease treatment
● Complementary cancer support
● Addressing neurodegenerative diseases
● Repairing soft tissue injuries and damage
● Improving skin conditions
● Enhancing wound healing
● Mitigating brain damage

● Aiding in organ failure recovery
● Supporting stroke recovery
● Treating spinal cord injuries
● Skin and hair rejuvenation
● Sexual optimization




Blood Collection
The treatment starts with a simple and secure blood draw, similar to a routine blood test, ensuring a smooth and familiar experience.

VSEL Extraction
We then meticulously process your blood to isolate the very small embryonic-like stem cells, known for their potent regenerative potential.

Laser Activation
Following extraction, these VSELs undergo a specialized laser treatment that enhances their regenerative properties, preparing them for effective therapy.

Targeted Injection
The final step involves the precise injection of these activated cells into the specific areas of the body that require healing, kickstarting your natural repair processes.

This step-by-step procedure utilizes state-of-the-art technology to harness and amplify your body's innate healing abilities, providing a targeted, minimally invasive treatment option.


Our approach to unlocking the potential of these cells involves the patented SONG
(Strachan-Ovokaitys Node Generator) laser system developed by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys and
his team at Johns Hopkins. This innovative technology releases millions of VSELs from
a patient’s own plasma, making them available for therapeutic applications to
rejuvenate and restore the body.

Working with prominent scientists, Dr. Ovokaitys has demonstrated that this treatment
can effectively reverse biological and cellular aging. The process, validated by DNA
methylation tests, typically reduces the biological age of treated individuals by three
years per session, with visible results manifesting within 6 to 12 weeks. This method,
notable for its ability to be applied repeatedly, offers profound implications for anti-aging therapies,

potentially allowing individuals to live longer, healthier lives in a rejuvenated body.
To date, thousands of VSEL procedures have been successfully performed, and Austin
Regenerative Therapy is honored to be among the select few clinics nationwide
equipped with the SONG Laser system. This puts us at the forefront of a medical
revolution, providing our patients access to one of the most advanced treatments in
regenerative medicine.


Dr. Ovokaitys has conducted a significant clinical study using VSEL therapy to enhance
cardiac function in patients with severe end-stage heart failure. Typically, a healthy heart
pumps 50-65% of its blood with each heartbeat, a measure known as the ejection
fraction. An ejection fraction below 30% is classified as severe heart failure. Participants

in this study initially had an average ejection fraction of 21% and were all considered
candidates for heart transplants.

In contrast to other studies where stem cells were administered invasively via cardiac
catheterization—resulting in an 8% improvement in overall function over six
months—this study utilized a simpler, safer intravenous delivery method. This approach
led to an average ejection fraction improvement of 50% within just three months.
Remarkably, half of the study participants were removed from the heart transplant list,
and 20% saw their condition improve to nearly normal levels after only one treatment.

The typical one-year survival rate for severe heart failure is around 30%, with minimal
survival beyond three years. However, our study demonstrated an 80% survival rate after
six years, an unprecedented outcome in this field. While a heart transplant can cost
around $1 million and only 10% of candidates survive long enough to receive one, our
VSEL therapy is 99% less expensive, making this potentially life-saving treatment
accessible to nearly all who need it.


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    What is VSEL Therapy?

    VSEL therapy involves the use of very small embryonic-like stem cells, harvested from
    the patient’s own body, to promote healing and regeneration. Formed in the bone
    marrow, VSELs are about one-third the size of other adult stem cells and are
    non-tumorigenic. Measuring between 2-4 microns, they can traverse areas inaccessible
    to larger cells, including crossing the blood-brain barrier.

    Circulating in an inactive form under normal conditions, VSELs activate during extreme
    physiological stress, such as a stroke or heart attack, reduced body temperatures, or
    significant injuries. Their unique ability to become almost any type of cell in the body
    under the right conditions makes them particularly valuable in regenerative medicine,
    offering the potential for comprehensive health restoration and enhancement.

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    Is VSEL Therapy Effective?

    While we avoid claiming to cure diseases, the effectiveness of VSEL therapy in
    facilitating natural repair and regeneration has been supported by various clinical
    studies, showcasing its potential in managing and supporting treatments for various

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    How Many Treatments Are Required?

    The response to VSEL therapy varies among individuals. Some patients may notice
    immediate improvement in symptoms, along with enhanced energy and cognitive
    function, after just a single treatment. However, the total number of treatments required
    largely depends on the specific health conditions being addressed and the patient’s
    goals related to longevity and anti-aging.

    Treatments can be safely repeated every few months. It is important to note that side
    effects are minimal, with fewer than 10% of patients experiencing mild symptoms such
    as fatigue and malaise following the procedure.

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    Is There Any Downtime?

    VSEL therapy is minimally invasive, requiring no significant downtime. Patients can
    often resume their regular activities shortly after the procedure, making it a convenient
    option for those seeking effective, yet non-disruptive medical interventions.

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    What Is the Cost?

    The cost of VSEL therapy varies, depending on the treatment scope and specific patient
    needs. We recommend a personal consultation to discuss your conditions and tailor a
    treatment plan that best suits your financial and medical requirements.


We invite you to explore the possibilities of VSEL therapy with us. This treatment is
not just about healing—it's about turning back the clock on aging, enhancing vitality,
and dramatically improving quality of life. 

Contact Us for a personal consultation with Dr. Khanh Nguyen and discover how you
can access this elite level of regenerative medicine at our clinic.