Vampire Breast Lift


This is a non-invasive, no downtime, no pain, natural treatment option to enhance the cleavage and to create a younger appearing breast.

Do you any of these issues with your breast?

  • reduce firmness due to loss of collagen
  • the skin looks gray due to less blood flow
  • the overall shape appears droopy and saggy
  • decreased nipple sensation due to breast feeding,  breast augmentation surgery, or aging
  • inverted nipples
  • rippling or crate-paper skin around the cleavage

how does it work

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    Creating the shape. Your physician will evaluate and discuss where the shape can be enhanced to create a younger, more attractive appearance.

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    Obtaining PRP from your own blood. You will have a simple blood draw then your blood will be placed in a FDA approved centrifuge to separate PRP, Platelet rich plasma. PRP which contains more than 8 growth factors which then activate stem cells to grow tissues including collagen, fatty tissue and more blood vessels.

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    Injecting the PRP into your breast. Using a numbing cream and a very small needle, the physician will inject your own activated PRP into your breast in a very particular way.

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    How the PRP works. The activated PRP will trick the body to think there is an injury and will signal multipotent stem cells and promote the repair and regenerate process- resulting in new younger looking skin tissue due to new collagen, new blood vessels and new fatty tissue.

  • NONINVASIVE, in-office procedure
  • no downtime
  • natural option to enhance size and shape
  • cost a lot less than breast augmentation surgery
  • minimal pain



  • since PRP is from your own blood, there  is no side effect.
  • you may experience minor soreness over the next 24-48 hours due to the volume injected to your breast
  • you may have some minor bruising


  • known platelet dysfunction
  • critical low platelet count
  • hemodynamic instability
  • active systemic or local infections- wait until resolved


  • NSAIDs use within the last 48 hours
  • corticosteroid injection within the last 4 weeks
  • systemic use of corticosteroid with 2 weeks
  • cancers (blood related or bone)
  • severe anemia- hemoglobin less than 10g/dl

How long does it last?

The results of the procedure continue to improve for 2-3 months and last for at least 1-2 years .

What is the cost?

$1200-$2000 depending on each case

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime just as with most other PRP aesthetic procedures.

Can it be done if I already had breast augmentation?

Yes, this procedure is often used to correct rippling which is one of the common complications from breast augmentation-  It is done in a specific manner and away from the implant.

Can I expect to go up in cup size?

This procedure is mainly great to create a fuller cleavage, rounder shape, lifted appearance and younger looking breast-  if you want to significantly go up in size, then the best option is still surgery.

Current Specials

Vampire Facelift Save $200


Current Specials

Vampire Facelift Save $200

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"You found the fountain of youth! I'm going to start sending everyone your way." - Tina

"I am extremely happy. It has been a dream to have better skin. You have no idea how much this has helped my self esteem." - Kathleen

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